Healing the Mother Merge
in Sex and Relationships

Monday, November 19th 5pm PST

Free Webinar (recording available)

Do you?  

Struggle with issues around sex and relationships, and nothing you do seems to shift it?

If so, it's possible your issue/s are a result of the mother merge. 

Common mother merge issues include:

- Feeling shame about/hating your body.

- Difficulty enjoying sex.

- Low energy/low libido.

- Feeling perpetually disappointed by the opposite sex. 

- Attracting emotionally unavailable partners. 

In this free class you will learn:

  • What the mother merge is, and how it keeps you from resolving issues around sex and relationship. 

  • A powerful process to heal the mother merge, and finally move past sex and relationship issues that have been plaguing you for years. 
  • If you are a mother, learn how to not pass the mother merge down to your children.        

"When Sarah took me through the process of healing my mother merge, I finally understood why I've struggled with feeling disappointed by men my whole life and I felt empowered to change that. Using the mother merge process over a period of time, has completely transformed my relationship with men." -Cathy, Portland.

"I could never enjoy sex because I hated the way my body looked. Working with Sarah, I realized that my body issues were related to the mother merge, and when I did the mother merge process, I, for the first time, started loving my body. After that, sex with my husband became enjoyable. Let's just say, we are both happier now." -Mary, Oakland.

Sarah Kennedy is a Sex and
Relationship coach who helps women have sex that nourishes their hearts, bodies and souls. 
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